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The 5 most common mistakes made in customer service

One mistake can lead directly to the next and that always brings more disadvantages. Excellent customer service is an important building block for the success of a company. Mistakes - they are made, whether consciously or unconsciously.

To avoid this, let's take a look at the five most common mistakes made in customer service.

Why good customer service is so important

Apart from the fact that a customer-oriented business wants to make a profit, it always tries to meet the needs of its customers. Initially, this is not such an easy task, even though you may think so. Small and inconspicuous mistakes always happen so abruptly that you hardly notice it. In most cases, it is things that you take for granted that work.

We have listed the five most common mistakes so that your customer service is best prepared:

Mistake 1: Training

Employees are often not adequately trained. Of course, no master has fallen from the sky yet. That's exactly why companies should offer intensive training such as courses, seminars or workshops to prepare their employees for worry-free communication with customers.

Mistake 2: Reachability

If you keep your customers waiting too long, you will be rid of them sooner than you think. Give your customers the possibility to contact you at any time.

Our tip: 24/7 support with flexible hours via various channels can help you to always be available for your customers.

Mistake 3: Complaint management

Complaints are commonplace. There will always be customers who want to vent their frustrations because something doesn't suit them. This point is again closely related to the first one and that is training. Employees should be very well prepared and know what to expect. Take your customer's concern as soon as possible and show readiness.

Mistake 4: Employee equipment

Having complete work equipment makes for more motivation. If this is not the case, there is a high probability that a job cannot be completed satisfactorily and in a timely manner. There may be downtime due to a necessary repair, which can lead to the loss of a customer.

Always make sure that your employees are always well equipped.

Mistake number 5: Control & Measurement

To complete its process, the part of controlling is very crucial. Regular monitoring and control of your services gives you the opportunity to continuously work on your own customer service. Fine-tuning, to be precise. What follows from this can most likely be answered by everyone themselves: optimal customer service as well as happy and satisfied customers.



Many will now think, that the above points can always happen and that is exactly the point. Take these obvious things too much for granted and you'll ruin your business with a few "small" mistakes that are actually easy to avoid. Working on your customer service is a constant task.

Prosupo would like to give you a deeper insight into customer service. Contact us today to learn more.

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