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Better customer experience for technology industry

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Keeping up with the rapid evolution of the technology sector is a key challenge in maintaining superior customer experience. As a tech-oriented brand under Prosupo, it's crucial to adapt swiftly to ensure your CX remains ahead of the curve. Yet, how can you measure if you're on the right track? With Prosupo's expertise in data management and leveraging customer insights for scalable personalization, we stand ready to help you elevate your CX to new heights.


of tech enterprises are confident in meeting CX benchmarks


of users perceive a lack of seriousness towards customer service


prioritize experiences above products or services


of customers engage through three or more CX channels

Let's humanize tech

Merely 6%

of tech consumers believe CX holds no weight in their decision-making process.

Many technology companies fall short in evolving their customer experience at the pace at which they roll out new products and services.

This overlook can be critical as for a vast majority of consumers, the caliber of CX holds equal significance to the products and services themselves when making a purchase decision.

​How Prosupo assists

  • A digital-centric approach to CX design guarantees a tangible ROI

  • Omnichannel CX that’s cohesive and propels customer satisfaction

  • Integrating the appropriate voice and non-voice capabilities for a genuinely human-centric experience


Your Ally in Delivering Premier Technology Customer Experience

Elevate your CX strategy with digital-centric solutions enriched by the human element. Enhance revenue and customer retention with adept agents tackling a spectrum from wiring troubleshooting to orchestrating a smooth shopping journey, backed by expert insights and profound product understanding.


tech clients supported


agents supporting tech


languages supported


delivery countries

Service Types or Line of Business

  • Acquisition

  • Account/billing inquiry

  • Returns and refunds

  • Shopping cart

  • QConsumer rentals

  • Complaint/issue resolution

  • Chat and email support

  • Pre- and post-sales assistance

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