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German Customer Service Outsourcing


For today’s businesses, managing your own in-house customer support team can be time consuming, challenging, and quite expensive considering the infrastructure that it requires. Think about it: you require office space for your representatives and team members, you need computers, network connections, phone connections, and so much more – not to mention the time commitment required to make your team available to your customers 24/7.

Here at Prosupo, we believe that every business deserves to make their customer support services more effective, less expensive, and less time consuming.

Outsource Your Customer Service With Prosupo

Here at Prosupo, we’re proud to provide our clients with a comprehensive customer service outsourcing experience. Not only will we take over your customer service tasks, but we can provide flexible staffing solutions to meet your unique needs.

Whether you’d like to have our virtual employees integrated into your own team for added support, or if you’d like us to handle and manage your entire customer support operations, we’re always up to the task.

We provide the following customer support services:

  • Email Support

  • Shopify Support

  • Social Media Support

  • Amazon Customer Service Support

  • General Customer Support

  • And More!

And don’t forget, our virtual worker are 100% native German speaking professionals.

The Prosupo Difference

When you choose to partner with Prosupo for your customer service needs, you don’t simply gain access to our virtual employees – you also receive an Account Manager who will ensure that your needs are seamlessly aligned to what our virtual employees carry out on your behalf.

All of our AMs are experienced, well trained, and well prepared to handle the daily grind of customer support because they’ve been in the industry for years. Our AMs come from a variety of fields and industries, and we even have a former Apple Support Manager on our team.

The Biggest Advantage

Customer support is so much more than simply solving problems for your customers – it’s about connecting with them, understanding their needs, identifying their pain points, and using this information to optimize your business.

When you partner with Prosupo, you can spend more time focusing on the insights and the knowledge gathered through effective customer support practices to ensure that you can meet the needs of your customers.

Get Started Today

With German speaking customer service professionals, dedicated and experienced Account Managers, customized services, and exceptional support, Prosupo is here to help. It’s time to improve the quality of your customer service team without expanding your budget, expanding your infrastructure, or expanding your time dedication.

Contact us today to learn more about our services.

Outsource your customer service with Prosupo

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