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Customer experience for financial services

Canary Wharf London

In a digital epoch where consumer-led innovation is reshaping the financial sector, evolving consumer anticipations and heightened security considerations are recalibrating brand interactions. The realm of Customer Experience (CX) in financial services is amidst a significant metamorphosis. However, with Prosupo's adeptness in integrating technology, orchestrating data, and harnessing customer insights to facilitate personalized engagements at a grand scale, we pave the way for you to solidify customer allegiance.


of consumers expect a personalized CX as a standard.


are willing to share data with financial brands


of consumers perceive financial services as CX innovators.


believe fin companies' digital CX channels fulfill their needs.

Construct financial experiences that are safer, secure, and more innovative.


of financial startups encounter challenges with data and analytics

A CX shaped by your customers, not your systems You understand the pivotal role data plays in decision-making, crafting new products, and cultivating and retaining customers. However, the existing technology infrastructure, operations, and systems may pose hurdles to leveraging data effectively.

By aiding you in dismantling these silos and scrutinizing every interaction a customer has with your brand, in real time, we help enhance every facet of your CX. With our support, you’ll discern the opportune moment to introduce a new product, recognize when a customer is contemplating departure, and detect when a connection is a fraud attempt.

​How we help

  • We are global pioneers in translating CX data into actionable insights, essential for financial startups especially amidst the competitive fintech landscape in the DACH region​.

  • Certified for all forms of data protection and regulation across countries, assuring your startup adheres to essential legal and security standards.

  • Our voice analytics capabilities serve as a robust tool to counteract fraud and social engineering attempts, a critical need highlighted by many startups aiming to build customer trust and minimize financial risks​.


Without data, managing CX in banking and financial services becomes obsolete.

In this sector, your CX is the sharp edge that slices through the competitive clutter. Grasping your customers' desires, necessities, and worries, and leveraging this insight to engage with them on a personal level is the way to retain them. Armed with your data and coupled with our expertise, we can collaboratively innovate to expand your customer base and enhance your bottom line.

Service Types or Line of Business

  • Acquisition

  • Account/billing inquiry

  • Returns and refunds

  • Shopping cart

  • QConsumer rentals

  • Complaint/issue resolution

  • Chat and email support

  • Pre- and post-sales assistance

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