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Online Marketing Campaigns

Perfectly targetted, from serious experts

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Get perfect marketing campaigns

The digital marketplace is constantly changing, so advertising campaigns need to be constantly adapted. No matter how good your B2B web store is, it's imperfect if it's not directly visible to everyone. 
With Prosupo you can secure attention, reach and conversions. 
Through targeted paid campaigns, social media marketing, search engine optimization and many other measures from the field of online marketing, we increase their visibility on the web and ensure an increased number of users to continuously optimize their performance. Finding what works is what sets Prosupo apart from our competitors.


What makes our online marketing strategy...


Appropriate target group analysis 

A clear targeting, or a clear target group definition and target group delimitation is target-leading for an optimal online marketing strategy. Whether you are a new customer, a regular customer or a B2C/B2B customer, one of our tasks is to clearly delimit your target group and thus avoid wastage. Subsequently, we find the appropriate methods and approaches to define a clear target group.



Before measures are defined, the ACTUAL situation of the company should be clearly defined in order to create an optimal branding. We ensure that all brand ambassadors have a clear and consistent picture of your identity and position it as the basis for a successful future in the market.  



To achieve measurable responses or transactions from users, performance marketing comes in as the right strategy. The goal is to generate as many leads as possible. With our online marketing measures, such as SEO and much more, we ensure a memorable appearance in the online world. 


Relevant KPIs

Key Performance Indicators enable your company to measure the progress of important objectives. 
By regularly analyzing and interpreting KPIs, we at Prosupo ensure that your online marketing is more efficient and effective. 

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