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HR Outsourcing

Active Sourcing & Recruiting

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Stay active, be attractive!

It's no longer a secret that the recruiting world has changed due in part to the ever-increasing digitization of our online world.

We are in an Employee Market. A market that is becoming increasingly important for business owners in today's world.


Job ads were yesterday. Today's mantra is: We get what we need! In many areas there is an acute shortage of skilled workers, which means that many qualified employees are no longer actively looking for jobs, but in most cases are already employed.

As a result, the old method of "post and pray" is no longer effective and accordingly does not lead to the desired quality of applicants. Suitable employees no longer respond to a simple slogan saying that work is now available. They analyze a multitude of job offers for their ever-increasing requirements. 


Companies are therefore increasingly turning to active sourcing. A way of recruiting to address qualified talent directly. Suitable tools for this include LinkedIn Recruiter or, on a local level, Xing Talent Manager, who search for suitable applicants on social business networks in order to contact them directly.


Why your company benefits from Prosupo HR Outsourcing and Active Sourcing service:

The main goal of active sourcing is to increase the efficiency of the recruitment process and thus save costs. A professional LinkedIn recruiter costs on average 45,000 - 60,000 € per year, which can be very costly for you as a company.


Prosupo offers you an HR outsourcing and active sourcing service that helps you save costs while attracting qualified and suitable talent to your company.

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