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Driving efficiency in a time where efficiency has never been more important

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Virtual Staff from Prosupo

The workplace is changing – workers are becoming remote, and the globalized economy has never been more diverse.

In order for organizations across industries to remain relevant, competitive, and prosperous in a shifting landscape, efficiency needs to be at the heart of their approach.

Here at Prosupo, we utilize technology, language, and passion to ensure that our clients have access to the virtual resources needed to drive efficiency.

Virtual Employees

Due to the current global climate, there is more incentive than ever before for businesses to de-densify their workspace. In other words, organizations are allowing more and more employees to work remotely.

We’re all familiar with the concept of a remote workforce, but what about virtual employees?

Virtual employees are workers who a company outsources to complete a task. Virtual employees are:

  • Low Risk: companies have no responsibility for them.

  • Non-Binding: companies can swap out one worker for another if things aren’t working out.

  • Flexible: companies never have to worry about sick days or holidays.

  • Efficient: companies can direct their attention on what matters most.

German Speaking Virtual Employees

Here at Prosupo, we understand just how important it is to ensure that your virtual workers are on the same page as your organization. And while they may be outsourced workers, our virtual employees serve as an extension of your business – essentially learning your operations seamlessly, so that you can trust in the work that they do.

With that in mind, we understand just how important it is to hire a native-speaking virtual employee, so that you can streamline communications and eliminate the risk of a miscommunication in a fast-moving business world.

All of our virtual employees are native German speaking professionals with years of experience at their craft.



Hire A Virtual Assistant

In addition to our talent pool of virtual employees, we also provide specialized assistance with virtual assistants for today’s business leaders. Whether you’re looking for general administrative assistants, secretaries, or scheduling professionals, we can help.


Our dedicated virtual assistants can be your first point of contact for all of your client and customer needs. From complaints to support, we can handle it all.


Each of our virtual assistants undergo rigorous training to ensure that they’re up to the task of working for our clients. They receive training in Excel, Google Docs, and much more to guarantee that they’re prepared to meet the needs of the modern workplace.


From writing and composing emails, to interacting with clients, customers, suppliers, and vendors on the phone, our virtual assistants are always up to the task.

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Are you interested in hiring a virtual assistant for your business? Contact us today and speak with a member from our team. We’d be happy to set you up.

German Virtual Assistants from Prosupo