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Enhancing Your eCommerce Experience From The Backend

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People buy from people

Waiting in an endless queue is a thing of the past - today it's all about "click". The e-commerce business is booming. People are buying more and more online and the shopping streets seem empty. In order to do maximum justice to the digital transformation for your company as well, an optimal linking of offline and online must take place. 


Without online store support to answer your customers' product questions, you risk sending them straight into the hands of your competitors. Customer service, negative reviews and more - whether it's Amazon and co, we at Prosupo know exactly how important it is to properly manage and represent your ecommerce operations to deliver a unique customer experience.


Our eShop Management Services:

Negative Reviews

Our team of communications experts will work with your clients to get reviews deleted/changed through support, appeasement and other creative measures.


When it comes to Amazon, we know exactly how to deal with their warranty policies, which can be quite complex and challenging. Don't get bogged down in the fine print.

Refunds and Returns

Returns and refunds are commonplace in the world of eCommerce. Our team knows exactly how to follow Amazon's A-Z so your ratings stay high and you avoid the dreaded Amazon support team.

Account Holds

We use dedicated virtual machines (such as Amazon Workplaces, Citrix, etc.) to ensure your account is not compromised and to eliminate a potential drop in sales.

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