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We are Prosupo

Our Mission

At Prosupo, we thrive on simplicity


Simply put, our mission is to be the solution and the team behind superior experiences for startups, SMBs, and mid-market clients, always there when needed.

We recognize that simplicity comes with its set of challenges. That’s why we are committed to developing innovative and human-centric capabilities, aimed at providing a competitive advantage for you in the pivotal moments.

The virtual realm is
the customer realm.

Dive into our blog article to explore strategies for enhancing collaboration with your virtual team.



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Managing Director & Co-Founder

Meet Patrick, our leader in strategy and planning, who brings a wealth of experience in the fields of Customer Service, Recruiting, Employer Branding, HR, and Tech. With over a decade of experience working for tech leaders such as LinkedIn, Apple, Google, and IBM, he brings a unique perspective to our company and leads our team with a strategic and visionary approach.

In his free time, Patrick enjoys making music and playing multiple instruments. This passion for music allows him to bring creativity and inspiration to his work and personal life.

+49 221 5300 6911

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Managing Director & Co-Founder

Meet Jan, who oversees the day-to-day operations of our company, bringing extensive experience in Customer Service, Search Engine Advertising, and Software. His time spent at companies like Google, Oracle, and Citrix has honed his skills in ensuring smooth and efficient processes.

When not at work, Jan enjoys spending time with his dogs, Whippy and Jet. This time away from work allows him to recharge and bring a positive energy to the office.

+49 221 5300 6911

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