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What is service quality? - Everything you need to know about optimal service

The demands of customers over the decades have changed drastically. One of the factors responsible for this is the development of service quality. Whereas in the past it was a special feature for the customer that a service was offered at all, today ever higher demands are made and services are compared with each other so that in the end one can decide in favor of one of these services. Today, the quality of service must delight the customer and exceed his or her expectations so that the customer rates a quality as good.

But which processes are used to precisely meet the customer's requirements and fulfill them in terms of quality? These and other questions relating to the topic of service quality are explained in more detail in this article.

What is service quality

Service is understood to be a process that is made up of several factors. Of particular importance is how the customer perceives the service provided at the end. This perception influences the likelihood of the customer remaining loyal to your company and recommending it to others. Service quality must therefore be geared to customer expectations in order to achieve a certain level.

Factors of a service quality


Which ways can your customer contact you?


How quickly do you respond to your customers' concerns?


How do you treat your customers? What is your tone of voice?


How knowledgeable are the employees in your company in the respective area? How much expertise is on offer?


How well are wants, needs and processes communicated with your customers?

Three qualities

The quality of potential

As the name suggests, the quality of potential is intended to show how much capability a business model has. This is the prerequisite for being able to implement a business idea. Important factors that are taken under the microscope here include:

  • The premises

  • Product and packaging

  • IT systems and other software

and much more!

The process quality

A service is a process, which means that service quality shows process quality. However, to describe the service as a process, two questions need to be considered and answered:

  • What kind of service is being provided?

  • How is it provided?

The encounter quality

This refers to the interaction with the customer. This can take place in person in a conversation, by mail, on the phone or in a chat.

Many companies focus primarily on process quality. However, this is not enough! The look and feel, i.e. the potential and encounter quality for customers, are just as important and ensure a perfectly rounded service quality!

Customer enthusiasm in the first place

As already mentioned, it is not only important that you satisfy your customers, you should rather inspire them! You can achieve this in the first place if you always keep an eye on your service and regularly improve it through newly acquired knowledge.

Here are some ways you can ensure customer delight:

  • An omnichannel strategy makes it easier for your customers to contact you.

  • Provide sufficient staff capacity for service. Only then can your team respond to customer inquiries quickly, individually and in detail.

  • Regular staff training ensures that your service personnel know exactly how to act in which situation.

Your goal is always to exceed your customers' expectations.

Conclusion: The customer is the key to good service

To continuously improve your service, you need to listen to your customers and take their wishes and suggestions seriously. For example, conduct surveys and compare the results. In this way, you will quickly notice which interfaces you can still screw on and also how the service quality develops over time.

Prosupo not only offers you excellent service with high quality. We go beyond that by understanding exactly what your wishes and goals are.

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