Values & Principles

THIS - Trust, Hold, Impact, Solution is Prosupo

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We live our values

Our values are our lifestyle. They determine who we are and how we act.

When we believe that good enough is not good enough.

We go the extra mile to become better, to be better and to do our best.


We learn with and from each other. Our innovative ideas through further training and clearly organized work processes ensure reliable and high-quality service.

Passion, a personal character trait through which a person is is strongly motivated to achieve like-minded goals. Our passion for what we do is our driving force that gets us through thick and thin. Working with heart and soul is what sets us apart.


We deal responsibly and conscientiously with the demands and needs of our clients. Communication with personal feedback is a matter of course for us in order to maintain a long-term relationship with our clients.


In order to facilitate a flexible, inclusive and, above all, environmentally sustainable economy, we place a high value on our virtual working structure.