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Professional Sales

Lead Generation - Sales Development - Closing

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Professional Sales

Sales outsourcing refers to the effective completion of specific tasks, or the complete outsourcing of your own sales force to out representatives.


Our goal here at Prosupo is not only to reduce your sales costs, rather the focus is on increasing sales and acquiring new customers. We professionally support your internal sales department from new customer acquisition to customer management to achieve better results.


We focus on customized sales models, from simple telesales calls for simple products, to multi-layered models, e.g. for SaaS. 



What we offer:


Every deal starts with a good initial meeting. 
The initial contact is the decisive point for a good deal. It decides whether the customer is ready to come back or not. We don't want to just scramble to get quick results. At Prosupo, we want to understand in order to make the first conversation a recipe for success, because we know why we are relevant to the potential customer. 

Lead Generation

We turn interest into success. 
With successful lead generation, we acquire data from interested parties in order to generate long-term customers. 


All in all, we offer comprehensive pipeline management as a management process to define your sales opportunities. We ensure to drive the lead from one step to the next to close a successful deal. Prosupo looks for potential new customers in your CRM, conducts conversations for you, presents your product, and then closes a deal.

Why outsource your Sales to Prosupo?


Your time is limited


You can't find the right people yourself


No clear structure


Lacking Know-How

Our strategy to outsource your sales is simple:

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