Professional Sales

Lead Generation, Sales Development and Closing

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Outsource your sales tasks

At Prosupo, you will get a Sales Rep assigned to you. Ready when you need him, and always backed by our Sales-Team.


Lead Generation

Our experienced sales professionals will cold call your list and get appointments for you


Business Development

We will qualify your inbound leads, and sort out the rest,


Closing / Full Sales Cycle

We can own your full sales cycle. From lead generation to closing your deals.


And much more

Not what you're looking for? Contact us, to find out if we can get your task done!


Why you should work with us:


At Prosupo, our mission is to deliver world class virtual staff services for the lowest price, without compromising on quality.

That's why, with Prosupo, you will always work with professionals that have our three Sales Core Values:

Native German

Every sales professional you work with will speak German natively. In a world of phone scams, and fishing, it's important that the offer you make your customers comes from someone trustworthy.

Hearing a foreign accent over the phone might make customers think they're being the target of scam.

Sales Experience

Our professionals will have sales experience in the relevant field. Our Lead Generation and Sales Development Teams mainly gathered their experience in call-centre like jobs. Our closers worked for giants like Microsoft, Apple and IBM. 

Work Endurance

Everyone you work with, will always have team members and managers around him to support, mentor, and coach them. Working a sales job is tough. Motivation and coaching play a big part in the successful execution of sales tasks. At Prosupo, we constantly coach our staff to grow them, and to increase your revenue.