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PRESENT vs. FUTURE - What is becoming increasingly important in customer service?

In recent years, the customer service industry has changed significantly. Not only have the types of services become more complex and specialized, but customer needs are also constantly changing in the digital world of communication.


Customer Service is the survival organ of a company one can argue. Thanks to the ever-increasing number of digital tools, we are becoming more and more successful in improving customer satisfaction. Some of you are probably thinking to yourself that it couldn't get any better, right? But this is not so correct. Customer care is changing every day. Below we have listed a few points that show what Customer Support can already do:

Working remotely

The COVID-19 pandemic in 2019 has brought a new work model into life. People are working remotely from now on.

This style of work, which has already established itself in today's society, not only offers workers many benefits and opportunities, but companies are also increasingly benefiting from it. The integration of workforce management is running at full speed!


Speed is one of the most important building blocks of good customer service. So a potential support employee should know exactly what time management means. Thanks to a variety of customer service software that allow to quickly respond to customer requests, it can be said that there is definitely no lack of speed in support service.


Everything keeps moving!

How do companies have to position themselves in order to optimally meet the future needs of their customers in customer service? What expectations will customers have in the future?

More knowledge

Top service needs top knowledge!

Customers are becoming more demanding when it comes to expertise. Expertise management is and always will be one of the most important components for optimal service. Service employees are always dependent on quality-assured information. Customer expectations continue to rise in this regard.

Let's imagine the following situation: If a customer calls two service advisors about a problem, he or she is likely to receive different information from the respective supporter. It takes a long time for a new employee to be able to advise productively because he or she initially lacks the necessary information. This is where the principles of knowledge management come into play, a systematic approach to gathering individual knowledge elements available to a company.

In short: Offer your employees extensive training and development opportunities to make your service support the best it can be.

The future of telephony

Although service by telephone has already established itself at a high level, it will remain a very relevant topic in the future! Especially in Germany, many customers prefer to pick up the phone instead of dealing with writing emails. Innovative "call forwarding" solutions are designed to make customer service by phone easier and smarter.

Digital transformation

If you want to stay competitive, you can't ignore the digital connection!

Customers are increasingly moving online to interact with businesses. Using mobile devices to shop and work is becoming more commonplace. Almost all consumers use their smartphones to research products or services online. Customers expect their activities across all channels to translate into tailored experiences or personalized offers. They also expect real-time digital customer service when interacting with companies, including the ability to solve problems themselves, thus we come to the next point, self-service.


The area of self-service is becoming increasingly important. Customers are empowered to help themselves. What does that mean exactly? Today's users are very demanding and insist on a timeless solution to their problem. So before they contact a company directly by phone, they usually do their own research first, for example on websites, forums or social media. This trend brings with it new expectations on the customer side.

Tip: Integrate certain tools that provide your customers with specific information. A familiar form of application, for example, is a website FAQ or forums and communities where customers can exchange information with each other.



The digital universe is constantly changing and self-service solutions for customers are becoming more and more relevant. Therefore, always keep an eye on the continuous advancement of technology and the ever-changing needs of your customers, because what is done today in chat, by phone or by mail may be done live in video conferencing tomorrow.

At Prosupo, we know that the best customer experiences come from a combination of human interaction and smart technology. A customer-centric business strategy provides your customers with a unique experience that makes their visions and expectations come true.

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