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Why the first meeting is so important - 3 tips on how to get the best appointment!

Scheduling in the telemarketing industry is multifaceted. Whether lead generation or new customer acquisition, the goal is to fill the appointment book at the end of the day.

Scheduling - do it yourself or outsource it?

The question of whether to do the scheduling yourself or outsource it to specialized service providers comes up again and again. One thing is certain: no regular appointments usually means no success. So first of all, it is not important who fills your calendar, but that the appointment frequency is right! Right?

Which reasons speak for an assistance?

1. Time

It does not happen from one second to the next! It often happens quickly that you have to invest hours to generate the first appointments.

2. Quality

By outsourcing, you also improve the quality of what happens. The respective professionals focus on the daily core business and you can count on better results, guaranteed.

3. Flexibility

Furthermore, you also benefit from more security. It is not uncommon for an employee to be absent in case of doubt. In this case, assistants can step in at short notice if there is a bottleneck on the part of your own employees.

Why is scheduling so difficult for many?

Always keep one thing in mind: acquiring new customers takes time!

Scheduling is above all about a lot of patience. It takes time and effort until you can name your first successes. This is where many people start to fail. Most salespeople don't have the necessary perseverance and capacity for suffering and quickly forget that selling to a new customer is nowhere near as easy and tangible as selling to an existing customer.

Moreover, it often attacks self-esteem, which in turn affects the enjoyment of selling. Ten customers in a row and the same answer every time: "No, thanks"! You quickly lose the desire and motivation to continue.

These are just a few of the many factors that show how sensible it is to outsource scheduling to professionals. You save time, costs and above all you can devote your energy to other important things.

3 tips to help you achieve optimal scheduling:

So what is the best way to have a successful scheduling process?

1. The right preparation...

First of all, it is important to prepare well. Answer a few questions in advance:

  • Who do you want to reach?

  • What kind of appointment process do you want? On-site, phone, trade show or webinar appointments?

Every industry requires individual challenges and needs. In order to always meet them, a deep understanding is very crucial. Identify exactly why your leads need your offer.

2. Your idea is crucial!

Always have a plausible answer ready. Know exactly why the customer is relevant to you. If you don't know the subject area well enough, don't engage in an initial conversation in the first place. This can quickly lead to a rejection. At the same time, your expertise reflects the professionalism and trust of the company.

3. Pressure to succeed is out of place here!

If you force yourself to make an appointment with potential customers, you will only get in your own way. Confident communication is the key. The danger that you can appear dominant and pushy is greater than you think. Create value-added customer contacts and think from a long-term perspective. Also, see it as an opportunity to give the potential customer a picture with enough relevant information about your company.



When it comes to scheduling, resources such as time and patience are often at a premium. In order to acquire systematically, we recommend that you outsource this very success-critical step to professionals.

We help you to acquire new customers and approach your future customers in a structured and targeted way to fill your appointment book. Learn more here:

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