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Why good community management is so important!

What is an online community?

When we talk about an online community, we are talking about a global network of relationships in which interested parties can exchange information with each other. Communication with one another is the most important feature of a community.

So community management is...?

Community management is the connection between the customer and the company in the digital network. Its functions include all measures for building, integrating and managing the online community of a brand or company.

However, don't confuse community management with social media management. While social media management is about building a community through specific online channels, community management is about providing an existing fan base with ongoing interaction.

So important...why?

A lot of things are happening online these days. Therefore, communication with a virtual community is becoming more and more relevant. Not only is the customer relationship with your users strengthened, but at the same time you benefit from an image that is becoming stronger and stronger. In addition, it leads above all to an improvement of conversions & sales.

The goal is to always keep an eye on your customers in order to always remain present, because this ultimately decides your reputation.

The three most important tasks of a community manager

1. Building an active community

It's not just about reacting to what already exists. Community managers make it their business to acquire new customers to include in the community. After all, the goal of any business is to maintain a large and loyal customer base and keep them for the long term.

2. Promote brand image

What makes a company more attractive than a good reputation? For a positive company image, customer satisfaction is a crucial factor. This is where the community manager comes in. He deals with the needs and wishes of the individual user in order to meet these as best as possible. The identity, the behavior and, of course, the needs and also the problems of the customer are closely scrutinized here.

Keep in mind: a satisfied community recommends to others!

3. Monitoring

Never lose sight of the customer! Shitstorms are not uncommon in social networks. By constantly monitoring your channels as well as the activities of your customers, you can react to certain topics in time and thus prevent negative effects.

The main task of a community manager is to drive moderation within the virtual community. Interaction with the customer is key. This includes responding to comments and messages from followers, as well as liking and sharing content. Users feel taken seriously and integrated, so they will definitely come back!

Three tips for an optimal community management strategy

1. Use community management tools!

The bigger the community, the more complex the management becomes. Proper tools create a clear picture so that nothing stands in the way of a structured workflow.

2. React quickly!

A quick response is the key!

Why does a customer comment on your post? Of course, he expects a counter-reaction. However, if this comes too late or not at all, you will be rid of this customer faster than you think. The faster you respond to comments and messages from your followers, the better your content will be played out.

Tip: It often happens that one or the other question comes up again and again. Don't let this irritate you, but answer the same question five times if you have to!

4. Criticism? No problem!

Do not let yourself be influenced by criticism. Consider negative comments in principle as customer complaints. Here it makes sense to put yourself in the customer's shoes to understand what exactly has upset them. There is a solution for every concern or problem, you just have to find it.

In addition: criticism serves to improve your own strategies, since everyone learns from mistakes, as is well known.



Community management is food for your CRM. In order to build sustainable and long-term customer relationships, direct interaction with the customer is crucial. With the help of various community management tools, you will succeed in an optimal exchange with your community.

We at Prosupo advise you to find the right strategy for a successful community management and ensure an inseparable relationship with your customers.

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