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Managing crises and change - How important New Work is for us

In business, and especially in the workplace, nothing stays the same. Changes in work life are not only exciting, they create new opportunities and promote growth.

But what exactly do changes mean within a company? In this blog article, we'll tell you how best to deal with change, potential crises that may arise, and grow with it.

"You don't manage change. You lead and guide change." - Peter Drucker

Legitimate urgency or crisis management?

Urgency is a factor in every business. The speed at which the global economy is changing makes it inevitable. The constant innovations in PC technology, telecom systems and information technology make it inevitable. The need to be more responsive than ever to customers makes them inevitable. Companies that respond faster than anyone else with innovative solutions are the winners. The losers are usually those who wonder what is happening while they are being overtaken by their competitors.

Recognize the crisis

Sometimes forces beyond your control as a manager conjure up a crisis. They can surface, for example, when someone on the team makes a mistake in the process and you, as the manager, have to straighten everything out. Hoping the problem will go away, a manger makes a decision NOT to. Surprise! The problem does not solve itself, instead you now have to manage the crisis. In addition, an employee forgets to pass on an important message from one of your customers to you, whom you are now in danger of losing.

Always be prepared to deal with external crises. You need to be flexible, know your business and know what can go wrong. So, if you allow a crisis to unfold because you are hands-off or unable to anticipate change, you will only exhaust yourself and additionally your team. This brings us to the next point.

You welcome change

At first this sounds very simplistic and anyone would now think to themselves, sure I do. You can ignore change, but what does that get you? You no longer perceive what is actually happening in your company. You can try to stop change, but won't it happen? Yes they do, and you're fooling yourself if you think you can stop change. You can try to keep yourself and your employees away from the effects of change, but can you really afford to ignore them? No, because ignoring them could be the end of your business. As specialized service providers, we've seen more and more managers spend their entire careers fighting change - forecasting it and controlling its impact on the business. But why? Change enables you to make progress, provides ever better products and services, and allows people to grow personally and professionally.

3 Benefits of the "New Work

The term New Work refers to the way we will work tomorrow and what skills will become more important. Here are three benefits that bring changes to the modern workplace.

More innovation

Innovation is key to any corporate culture. In order to constantly stand out from the competition, it is important to always counter crises that arise with some strategy and creative thinking.

More agility

Becoming more flexible and dynamic - adapt to constant changes, you will quickly succeed in building a reputation as an industry leader. Adaptability in any given industry is critical to how present you are in the marketplace. Remember, however, that no company can become agile overnight. It needs a strong will and, in the best case, guidance from specialists. At Prosupo, we help you understand your status quo and get you where you want to be, so as not to miss any trends in your industry.

Individual working methods

Remote, home office, hybrid working - these are all terms that are coming up more and more in today's world. While some companies are still retreating as far as the remote working model is concerned, others have already made it a concept they wouldn't want to change at all, and Prosupo is no exception. We know how fast digitalization is changing and we are convinced that flexibility and the associated work method of the home office plays a major role and this will definitely not change in the future.


Conclusion - Crises & New Work for more success

When you hear the word crisis, you immediately associate it with something negative. Of course, everything would be nicer without problems, but you should always look at things from several perspectives. So you too can benefit from crises if you know how to manage them. Only those who are open to change of any kind will be rewarded at the end of the day.

Whether for your sales, social media, recruiting, or e-commerce process,

Prosupo helps you to find ideal solutions and develop suitable concepts to make your change processes as successful as possible.

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