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5 reasons for social media marketing

Especially today, in times of economic crisis, people are saving money wherever they can. However, if you do this in corporate areas such as marketing and sales, you will have a huge problem. if you save your costs here of all places, this means at the same time that you thus forego future growth of your company.

Therefore, be sure that in any case they need a social media marketing for your marketing strategy. For now, ask yourself the following two questions:

1. on which social media platforms should your company be present and what is the content?

2. where does your target audience spend time? Do you conduct your activities on these channels internally or externally?

Whether in B2B or B2C business - in order to strengthen one's own company presence and, above all, one's image, active action in social networks is indispensable in today's digital age. A look at the increasing user numbers of the largest social media platforms such as Facebook and Co. is usually enough to confirm this statement.

This blog post is intended to illustrate why social media marketing can be so important for one's own company and what advantages it offers.

5 reasons why you should definitely incorporate social media marketing into your business strategy:

1. social media for more website traffic.

Especially platforms like Facebook and career sites like LinkedIn are considered good "website suppliers" these days. For example, if you share regular content from your blogs to your website, the likelihood of gaining many new readers is high. You can also generate more attention by reciprocal linking from other websites. Through so-called referrals or better links, the reader gets to your website with just one click. This is called backlinks.

Please note: This is of course not magic. It is important for you to do a good research first.

You should be able to answer these questions

1. who can link my website?

2. why should "XY" link my website?

3. who do I want to reach specifically with it?

Regular interaction with your target group also leads to better website traffic. Therefore, always stay active and reachable in chat.

2. effective complaint management via social media.

If you have already read our previous blog article "The 5 most common mistakes made in customer service", you now know that one of these mistakes is too poor complaint management. If you haven't, click here to make sure you don't miss this.

Social media channels always give your customers a chance to comment on certain matters. Especially when it comes to criticism, this is a very helpful point because you can act faster and the customer doesn't have to wait forever in a queue. This way you do something very good for your customer service at the same time.

3. the principle of recommendation from friends and acquaintances

Customers trust most personal recommendations from people they know. So the concept, "like & share" in social networks serves as a recommendation of a product or service. If you have an already loyal community, you can be sure that it will grow more and more.

4. feedback and market research

Why is feedback from a customer so relevant? The answer is quite simple: it allows us to find out directly which products or services are well received by customers and where there is room for improvement. With the help of social media, you can get this valuable information much faster. Don't ignore new ideas and suggestions from your customers. Every detail, no matter how small, should be tried to be implemented, because only from several small pieces of the puzzle does a whole picture emerge.

5. chance to be always one step ahead of your competitors

A few years ago, for financial reasons, it was considered extremely difficult for companies to place themselves in the existing market. Today, however, financial strength alone is not enough and people talk about other problems. Especially the customer support industry is becoming more and more popular and the competition on the market is constantly growing. So now the trick is to stand out from it.

Here are two tips that can help you build an optimal uniuqe selling proposition on social media:

#1 Always keep an eye on your competitors!

Sounds like you're spying on the competition, it's not that wrong. Knowing what and how people are talking about your competitors and keeping an eye on mentions made about them will help you gain information, such as customer actions that follow. Whether positive or negative, both can help you improve your own strategy.

#2 Promotions, reports and data from your competitors....

Always be aware when your competitors offer new products and services or even publish reports and data. All of this can be important information for you going forward.



Be patient - it takes time to build a large community. If you don't take advantage of social media, you're missing out on a fast, inexpensive and highly effective way to reach half the world's population. Master this step, however, and you'll have a loyal community - with the right social media marketing, of course.

Any questions? We look forward to hearing from you so that we can provide you with detailed advice on social media marketing support.

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