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5. Freelancers in Customer Service - Curse or Blessing?

  • What are freelancers?

  • A sensible investment?

  • Why more and more companies are distancing themselves from freelancers?

  • 4 Problems with the cooperation

  • Conclusion

What is a freelancer?

Especially in customer support services, it is not uncommon to encounter freelancers. A freelancer is an individual who earns money on a per-job or per-task basis, usually for short-term work as an independent contractor.

A good investment?

When it comes to customer service, we learn something new every day. Every customer contact and every problem that is solved brings new valuable knowledge and experience for the company. To this end, many work with so-called knowledge databases, which comprise the complete customer service knowledge and are made available to every service employee. This means that they can access it quickly and easily and gain important insights more quickly.

It would be far too time-consuming to have to go through the entire process every time in order to train the respective freelancers in this work structure.

Why more and more companies are distancing themselves from freelancers?

Freelancers are losing more and more attention.

But why actually? Especially in customer support, it is important to know the product in the company best possible. But that is far from being the case. The corporate culture is here, if not the most important aspect. Queries from customers on specific topics can thus prove to be a major challenge.

Here are 4 problems, that can arise when working with freelancers:


Communication is one of the most important aspects within the company. No matter if it is internal or external. During a project, this can quickly turn out to be complicated. Language barriers, cultural differences or even different time zones complicate the process.

Lower quality of work

Due to the flexibility of freelancers, it can usually be assumed that they are not only working on one project, but on several at the same time. The risk of "unclean" work cannot be ruled out as a result.

Lack of expertise

The lack of expertise of freelancers about their respective tasks is one of the biggest problems. It takes a long time to involve them in a respective project. This wastes precious time that could be dedicated to other important things. Therefore, it is definitely more beneficial to hire candidates from the field who are knowledgeable in certain areas.

High costs for the company

Freelancing is expensive - probably one of the most common claims we hear. This is not so wrong, because especially in customer support a freelancer can cost up to 100,00 Euro per hour.



Freelancers are not a long term solution for the company. The lack of expertise and the high costs involved are just a few of the many challenges. In summary, the benefits that staffing agencies bring to the freelancer tend to be eclipsed by poorer service.

At Prosupo, we attach great importance to long term and successful work with permanent employees who bring all the necessary knowledge to bring your company to the top.


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