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Better employee productivity - how to make your team fit!

To meet the demands of companies, employees must have the necessary know-how. Valuable expertise can be transferred through a wide variety of education and training programs. This is not only beneficial for the company's success, but the employee also benefits from ever-improving qualifications through continuous training.

In this article, we reveal three types of training methods and answer the question of why promoting your employees is so important.

Training - For what?

The topic of employee training is an important one, especially for smaller companies, because compared to a larger company, it is not a matter of course there.

In times when it is not so easy to find qualified employees for your company, regular training programs are a must. So you score points by offering your staff quality training. This not only increases the motivation and satisfaction of your employees, but also puts you more and more in the spotlight as an attractive employer and keeps you a big step ahead of your competitors.

Three types of training models

Seminar - Seminars focus on a particular expert and his or her knowledge. These are then presented in lectures or through practical applications.

Individual coaching - The form of individual coaching is rather rare, but not inconceivable. Here, an individual employee is taught a completely new subject area by a trainer. In most cases, this happens when one employee takes over the position of another.

E-learning - E-learning is the most popular form of employee training today. Due to digitalization, people are increasingly working online from home. On the one hand, there is the Virtual Meeting, where a team meets via Zoom or Google Meet, for example, and is trained in detail by a coach via a digital screen presentation. Another very popular method of e-learning is LinkedIn Learning. Here, numerous videos are offered and presented by professional coaches on a wide variety of topics. We will go into this in more detail below.

Which type of employee training is suitable for your employee, you should find out together with him in a personal exchange. An open discussion, which can be initiated by both the employee and you as the employer, will help:

  • Where does your employee want to develop?

  • What does he particularly enjoy doing?

  • What else is he interested in?

These are all important points for your employee that contribute to satisfaction and should therefore not be underestimated under any circumstances.

Virtual training

Today, pretty much all day-to-day tasks have become virtual. Meetings and other face-to-face social interactions happen only on a limited basis. Workforce development has taken on a new reputation after the Covid pandemic. Virtual training offers the best opportunities for all employers who want to upskill their employees in these volatile times

Regardless of where workforce development ultimately takes place, it is still very important for companies to invest in their employees. One of these meaningful investments is social learning.

What is social learning?

Whether it's virtual sessions, social learning or peer learning. All of these are virtual learning activities that can provide your employees with the best know-how despite remote working. However, there is one important prerequisite: despite this, you absolutely need important tools that serve for regular exchange. Chats or certain forums would be some of many examples.

Conclusion - Employee training for successful results

The topic of employee training is very important, especially for small companies, in order to remain competitive. Moreover, regular training opportunities are highly appreciated by employees and you increase your employer branding.

Employee training is not only beneficial for the employee, but can advance the entire team and therefore the company. Our modern technology offers various methods of training and education. Don't ignore this wide range of opportunities to ensure that you are equipped with a team that has the best expertise.

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