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User Experience - 5 elements you should know as a website owner

Customers usually make their purchasing decisions unconsciously and emotionally. Due to the constantly increasing complexity of digitization, many people are no longer open enough to learn new systems. Companies are usually faced with a dilemma here. If they do not constantly adapt to modern technology, the competition is always one step ahead of them. However, if they make their system and the usability of their website too complicated, many customers are put off. However, the user's wishes and goals should always be the focus, because they are ultimately what determine the success of your business.

In this article, we will reveal five elements that you as a website operator should definitely consider in order to offer your users a unique user experience.

What is a user experience?

The definition of user experience (UX) means user experience or user experience. In a narrow sense, UX focuses on the overall experience of all aspects of consumers when using systems, products, and services. User experience generally defines a person's reaction and feelings about a particular offering or website. The characteristics of a UX are extremely dynamic and subjective. For example, a user's experience on a web page can constantly change with each subsequent click. Bad experiences with a website achieve that one will not visit or click on it again.

In summary, UX focuses on improving the subjective experience such as enjoyment, attractiveness and fun of a product - before, during and also after an interaction with a service or product.

What optimal "interaction" is all about....

Interaction is the creation of a dialogue between the user and the system. The process can be divided into three phases. An ideal interaction scheme looks like this:

Phase 1 - Goals

In the first phase, your customer thinks about what he wants to achieve with the product or service in the first place.

Phase 2 - Execution

Now an intention for action is created. A series of action steps by the customer are arranged into a logical sequence and then executed.

Phase 3 - Evaluation

In the last phase of the interaction scheme, the system passes a visual, acoustic or tactile signal to the user after execution. The user interprets the stimulus and then evaluates whether the action was successful and whether he has come closer to his goals.

5 elements for an optimal UX:


Important functions should be clearly visible to the user so that he knows how to continue.


The system should provide immediate feedback on each action so that the customer can react to the result.

Action and effect

In the case of utility, user value, it should always be clear and obvious what the interaction affects. The customer's defined goals should always be effectively, efficiently, and satisfactorily achievable.


The same objects should always be presented in the same way and the same elements should always be used for the same interactions to improve learnability.


Accessibility for digital products is becoming increasingly important as inclusion becomes more of a topic. The added value for the customer plays a very decisive role here. If a respective function is offered, it must also fulfill your purpose and function.

How can a user experience be measured?

First and foremost, it is important to know the users themselves, their needs and their capabilities. There are a number of scientific methods to understand the UX of your customers. For example, you can integrate an online questionnaire on your website to learn about your users' desires. One of many ways to measure a user experience.

Always keep in mind: once you get going, you'll quickly find that all the values you gain are an important foundation for user-centric management, strengthening your customer loyalty, branding, and future behavior.



Recommendations and return visits are two important factors for sustainable business success. However, this only comes about if a user really feels comfortable and understood.

Thanks to our many years of experience in diverse areas of customer support, we will also find the optimal solution for you to offer your customers an excellent customer experience. Prosupo helps you to implement your ideas and strategies in the most customer-oriented way possible, in order to provide your users with the experience that you, as a customer, would want elsewhere.

You have further questions? We've got answers!

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