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This is why customer satisfaction is not enough

Customer satisfaction or rather WOW-effect? Satisfying customers does not always mean that they are 100% satisfied. There is much more behind it all!

In this article we will tell you how important it is to offer your customers an exciting story.

Excellent service does not have to be expensive! Even a small personal gesture can make customers smile. Why is this so important? Nowadays, satisfaction is no longer enough to retain customers in the long term.

You need a new haircut and decide to go to the hairdresser spontaneously. Now imagine: the hairdresser washes, blow-dries and cuts your hair without exchanging a single word with you. You are satisfied at the end of the service and leave the shop without talking about the service - what needs to be done has been done. Now let's imagine the same situation again. However, as soon as we enter the salon, we are greeted with a warm saying, "I wonder if you can get anything done with this beautiful hair?" You start laughing and know that from now on it can only be amusing. You leave the hairdressing salon with a nice story that you will definitely tell others! So a little dialogue is enough to build up a certain sympathy with your customers.

How does customer satisfaction arise?

Customer satisfaction is based on the expectations, needs and goals of the customer. Simply put: a target-performance comparison process. So if all the expectations regarding the company are met with the perceived performance, the customer is satisfied. Previous experiences with the company or information and product promises have a decisive influence on the customer's expectations. One point is particularly important - word-of-mouth. We will go into this in more detail below.

The WOW-effect

The satisfaction of customers is not a reliable indicator of their behaviour. It can happen that even consumers who were happy and satisfied before switch to the competition if they get the same service for less money there. Therefore, always keep in mind: the real customers are not just satisfied customers, but real fans! The emotional bond is the key to success. How can this work? As mentioned earlier, an outstanding and memorable story is the main focus!

Word of mouth is essentially influenced by experiences. Bad service is known to spread faster than good service. So it is all the more important to offer the customer a positive experience. According to a recent study, word-of-mouth recommendation is very important for almost 67% of all consumers when deciding to make a purchase and thus important for the so-called cross-selling potential (purchase of further products or services from the same company). When making decisions, people attach great importance to opinions and recommendations from friends or acquaintances. From an economic point of view, "good customers" are above all consumers who are not only satisfied but also feel emotionally attached to a company or product/service. Customers of this type are sustainably enthusiastic and more than convinced by your offer. They will forgive a quality problem and always remain loyal to you.

The probability of repurchase is less than 50% for satisfied customers, which shows that being satisfied is clearly not enough today and why we should inspire our customers anew every day.


Customer satisfaction is one of the most important and biggest differentiators between companies. However, due to the ever-changing needs and expectations of consumers, satisfaction is not enough. Don't forget storytelling. The focus is not only on the quality of your service, but on the total package of customer interaction. If you leave a positive lasting impression, the customer is guaranteed to find their way back to you and bring new customers on board right away.

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