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The Amazon A-Z Guarantee - What you should know about it as an online retailer

The fact that more and more people are now doing their shopping online is nothing new. The receipt that you receive in every store after buying an item ensures the guarantee of a refund. What does Amazon, probably the largest online retailer, offer when it comes to buyer protection?

In this article, we explain what the so-called Amazon A-Z Guarantee is and what you as an online retailer should definitely know about this topic.

What is the Amazon A-Z Guarantee?

For Amazon, the customer comes first. This is exactly why the A-Z Guarantee was introduced. This protects the buyer when purchasing items sold through Marketplace sellers - a comprehensive buyer protection, in other words. It also covers the condition and timely delivery of the item.

In the event of problems, the buyer can now contact Amazon directly, where it is then checked whether a refund is possible or not. Payments are withdrawn for this purpose via Amazon Pay.

When can a customer make use of the Amazon A-Z Guarantee?

Of course, the conditions for a warranty claim must also be met.

The most common reasons for an A-Z claim are:

  • The buyer did not receive the item,

  • the item was either delivered defective or incomplete, or

  • the item was returned by the buyer, but the buyer did not receive a refund.

Here's what you should know as an online retailer....

If it gets to the point where your customer files a warranty claim, you will usually receive an email notification from Amazon Pay about the details for the time being. Now this is your part. You describe the incident from your point of view. However, if you don't do this and leave the request for a response unanswered, it will very quickly have a negative impact on your seller performance. So do not ignore a warranty claim!

How best to act as a seller....

Sellers have up to seven calendar days to respond to Amazon's notification. Within the seven calendar days, the claim can be accepted and your customer will receive a refund, or you can file an appeal and describe what happened from your point of view, as mentioned above. However, we recommend responding to the customer within 24 hours to avoid customer dissatisfaction.

In favor of the buyer, Amazon will automatically initiate a refund after seven calendar days if you ignore the request and do not act in time.

The disadvantage for you: the refunded amount will be claimed back from you.

How you can best avoid A-Z requests.

Below are some tips for you that can help you avoid a warranty claim.


Good customer service is characterized by its accessibility. If you are there for your customers 24 hours a day, you can be sure that this will increase the trust and therefore the customer relationship between you and your buyers. Therefore, always be present and respond promptly to your customers' concerns to avoid a warranty claim.


Meaningful pictures as well as a detailed description of your products ensure that no unnecessary misunderstandings arise. Every buyer expects what is presented in the end. For example, always check whether the customer's desired product is actually still in stock. If not, it is best to remove this product from your offer immediately so as not to disappoint the customer.


Offer your customer a shipment tracking. This allows your buyers to always be up to date. Not only does this save you valuable time, but it also relieves the customer of the burden of constantly having to contact you about every little thing.



As a marketplace merchant, the buy box, which is the shopping cart field that allows customers to add your goods to the shopping cart, plays a very important role. So, if you don't respond to a warranty request in time and skillfully, it will affect your overall rating very badly.

Now you know how to avoid such a request. Nevertheless, such situations occur from time to time. To be as customer-focused as possible, Prosupo offers a service-oriented communication and handle your Amazon customer support - because when it comes to Amazon, we know exactly how to best handle your warranty policy.

Click here to learn more about e-commerce and Amazon customer support.

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