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Online advertising - how to rank successfully on Google

Whether for your blog or online shop - through Google Ads you can secure your company presence a VIP place in Google search results within a very short time. Exciting content is only one of many factors to rank well on Google.

What is SEA?

SEA is an optimal way to generate sales. The customer actively deals with a product or service and thus shows great interest. This means that the first step of the marketing funnel, namely awareness, is already secured.

That is why you need SEA

Measuring success

Thanks to a variety of key figures, you can set a wide range of goals for your advertising campaign and constantly optimize them. This enables you to measure and monitor the success of the respective advertising campaign. With certain keywords or graphics, you can recognize current trends more quickly and are always up to date.


Not only texts are a good way to advertise. You can also reach your target group with images and videos with the help of Google Ads.


Google is considered the largest search engine in the world and is therefore the ideal opportunity for your advertising campaign. Remember: the user comes to you and not the other way round. Advertising on Google is therefore a great opportunity for companies to strengthen their customer proximity and their own relevance to the outside world. So under no circumstances should you refrain from advertising on Google.

Just starting out? Here are our two tips for getting off to the perfect start:

1. Define a clear goal!

2. Don't expect too much for your first campaign!

Learning by doing! Especially when you start with SEA, you learn step by step and improve your skills with much patience!

Google Ads: Tracking and budget

SEA can be a great lever, especially in combination with the promotion of high-quality content. Why do many companies still shy away from the topic?

The fear of companies to invest in Google Ads is often encountered in the service sector. The biggest problem here is the lack of measurability from conversion (enquiry) to sale. This is because people often enquire today and only order several weeks or months later. This order can lead to a larger order. When this point is reached, there is usually no way back to the fact that the order originally came from Google Ads. Clients often say "Google Ads didn't work for my business, we tried it".

But also companies in the e-commerce sector or with simple online shops make similar claims from time to time. On average, we can also attribute this timidity to poor or even missing tracking. In these cases, Google Ads cannot be credited with the conversion. Another point is that companies spend hundreds of thousands of euros on Google Ads. Companies that have spent little or often no significant advertising budget online tend to be impatient.

A higher budget is also crucial to get the introductory phase right. In the end, it helps to reassure clients above all that, in principle, advertising measures in the online sector very often lead to success. It is not impossible that some campaigns can backfire. Especially in markets that are not yet established or with new products and services, you have to approach them slowly but surely. Therefore, keep an eye on the two factors tracking and budget!

Not too dependent on the search engine despite using Google Ads?

In the best case, users have the option to register on the site. This allows you to build up interest groups independently of Google. However, by using Google Ads, you are always in a kind of dependency. Because if you don't pay more for it, you won't get more traffic. People should always be aware of this.

A good content is THE prerequisite...

Do you need a good content strategy first?

After all, it's no use spending a lot of money promoting bad landing pages, right?

In our opinion, nothing is more important than good content. From a purely promotional point of view, however, there are more important things to consider. On the one hand, there is the most important point: trust. Visitors need to gain trust in a website, a product or service and the company behind it. Videos and reviews work really well for this. Another important point is the structure of the website. The call-to-action must be clear.

Nevertheless, a clear structure is very important! A good content strategy always wins in the end.

Conclusion - we do advertising differently

At Prosupo, we have made it our goal to present the digital world in a simplified way and in customer language. We support our clients in all aspects of SEA.

The most important thing to be successful online is your visibility. What good is the best product, the perfect service and the most beautiful website if it can't be found in the end?

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