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Global Customer Service - Advantages of Multilingualism

Once you offer your customers a customer service or your website in multiple languages, your customer base will expand. This will definitely keep you competitive in the future.

In this article, we will show you the benefits of being multilingual.

Terms such as internationalization still scare off small or medium-sized companies today. Most of the time, they cannot offer their products or services in other markets because of the language barrier.

Language is a very decisive factor in customer support, especially in the field of e-commerce. Of course, a customer will only buy if he understands 100% what it is all about.

Why multilingualism?

  • Global representation of the company

  • Global transport of the same company values

  • Offering products and services to the same extent worldwide

  • Offering information and support - qualitatively and temporally

Multilingualism in websites is rarely a 1:1 translation!

Translation programs are a no-go!

Even small translation errors caused by programs can damage the company's image. How often have you been on a website and small translation errors have looked unserious to you? In most cases, people work with different translation programs. However, this should be avoided, because a statement can never be translated 1:1 into another language.

The following problems can occur if you do not provide a high-quality translation:

  • Page structures

  • Product strategies and service strategies

  • News by country

Other countries, other customs

Not only the language barrier can be a problem, but also the way the service is handled. Native speakers usually provide better support. They know their own culture and mentality, which might make dealing with customers easier. One succeeds in better assessing the expectations of the other.

Advantages of multilingualism

Reaching more people

Probably the biggest advantage of being multilingual is that you increase your reach, thus reaching a much more widespread audience. So, thanks to language options, there's nothing standing in the way of reaching a large segment of customers.

Better user experience

English is the most widely used language, even at the business level. Your customers will automatically feel more comfortable browsing your website or content if it is available in a language that everyone understands. Thus, a better customer experience comes about and you can be sure of steadily expanding your customer base as a result.

International SEO positioning

It is very important for the online success of the company to secure a high rank in the search engine results. The better your ranking, for example on Google, the higher the probability of reaching more consumers. So if you offer your website in multiple languages, you are definitely on the winning side with a higher ranking.


Every company wants to build a professional image, because the company image is probably the greatest level of trust with the customer.


Conclusion - Think global - act local!

One thing is for sure: speak more than one language, open up new markets. Prosupo's bilingual team offers customer support in English and German at native language level.

Are you looking to expand your global network or customer base?

Let us advise you today - whether in German or English, we have the answers:

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