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Digital Workplace - revolution of collaboration

The digital workplace is a central topic of today. With increasing automation, it is becoming more and more important for companies.

But what exactly is a digital workplace?

To find out, we should first answer the following three questions: What do we mean by a "digital workplace"? How does a well-implemented digital workplace create better conditions for every employee? And what does it mean for us as employees? The concept behind this is quite exciting.

The world of work is constantly changing. It is often hard to imagine that 30 years ago no one had a mobile phone or the internet at home. Life has pushed us forward and the first modern smartphone was launched only 12 years ago. Today, breakthrough innovations are almost commonplace and this also influences how we work, what we do and what our needs are.

What exactly does Digital Workplace mean?

The Digital Workspace is about collaboration, communication and flexibility - all important components for a modern workplace. It enables employees to work smarter, faster and more effectively. The desk-less employee can access their communications, files and applications across all networks from a single location. With a virtual workplace, you can take control of your career by working from anywhere, at any time. In other words, a digital environment that provides an organizational structure and a set of tools, systems and processes to support collaboration.

Diverse opportunities for employees through digital transformation

In a successful company, employee satisfaction is a decisive factor. A better work-life balance is also important - in other words, a healthy work-life balance. For this, the digital workplace offers great advantages. This flexible work concept enables families with children to effectively balance their professional and private lives and be there for their children without having to give up a workplace.

Why you should set up a digital workplace for your company...

Create clarity

The digital workplace allows all employees to have access to all the information and tools they need to do their jobs. This allows them to do their work more efficiently and prevents individual departments from developing isolated solutions.

Become location-independent

They are flexible and allow employees to work from anywhere in the world. This means that companies can attract and retain top talent regardless of their location. The social intranet that is included in most digital workplaces also allows companies to grow closer together despite working remotely. This leads to greater employee retention and better communication between employees and management.

Increase productivity

While in the past a company may have relied on a dynamic environment for productivity, the digital workplace takes things to the next level. This is because a social intranet ensures that employees are supported and work well together, which can only have a positive effect on employee motivation and productivity. The intranet is often used as an information hub, but it offers much more. It builds on existing networks and leads to greater efficiency and performance.

The path to a collaborative corporate culture

Collaboration is the key to effective teamwork. With modern technology, you can give your employees the flexibility to work in teams as needed and support a culture of innovation.

Cut costs

The digital workplace is one of the most cost-effective solutions for any business. Without the cost of running a physical office environment, businesses have a lot of free capital to spend on other initiatives. For example, you could place your business in a new market or launch a new product/service.


A digital workplace is a great option for businesses of all sizes and its applications can grow with your business. An online environment allows employees to access technology and systems from different locations, making it easier for them to work on the go.

This creates a better online work environment that helps companies achieve their business goals and preferred culture.

The benefits are clear: employees can access the files they need from anywhere and network with colleagues quickly and easily.

This improved way of working also promises more order and clarity in everyday work, which consequently benefits everyone.

Of course, this is also associated with competitive advantages and greater success.

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