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Candidate approach - the perfect message in active sourcing

Most companies are looking for better ways to recruit staff. Active sourcing is nowadays one of the most important methods to successfully recruit new employees for one's own company on the labour market. At first glance, it seems easy to approach candidates directly. But many HR managers face the same challenge here:

What should I write?

In this article we give you tips for the perfect message in active sourcing.

Active sourcing is an important tool for business expansion as it allows you to target candidates who are not looking for a new job. With the right approach and a well-crafted message, it is possible to reach passive candidates and convince them to change jobs.

Our tips for the perfect message to potential talent

It all starts with the subject

Create a creative subject line. Of course, this requires experience and some practice. However, with time you will understand what makes your target group tick and which words in your subject line will attract the most attention! For example, instead of: "Offer as a social media agent" you could also write "Working above the clouds of Berlin", of course only if your workplace is also high up.

You know the profile

Digital body language plays a very important role here. You should carefully analyse your candidate's profile. In our view, this is fundamental for an appreciative and personal approach to suitable candidates. If the person is possibly on holiday and explicitly writes this in the message, it also means that he or she does not want to be disturbed at the moment. As a professional sourcer, you should therefore recognize and respect this.

Do not write novels

Many candidates quickly jump off when they see a message that goes on forever. The thought is usually always the same: it's just a spam message anyway. Therefore, always keep it as short as possible to allow enough room for queries. The goal is to arouse the interest of the respective talent.

Create added value

In most cases, candidates are already in an employment relationship. So it is all the more important to appear as convincing as possible. A change is therefore only an option for people if the position on offer offers added value. Perhaps a higher position or a better salary?

Who is the candidate writing with?

A brief introduction of yourself is important so that the candidate understands who they are dealing with. Formulations such as "We are a young company..." don't really help the person here. Everyone usually acts the same way: we receive a message and the first thing we do is find out about the sender. This is usually done through the profile. This allows the candidate to make better decisions about whether or not they want to continue contacting you.

A fixed contact person that the candidate can turn to at any time is therefore a must!

Talent pipeline!

It often happens that candidates are not at all willing to change their current position and are satisfied with their current position. Nevertheless, make it clear to the person that they will remember him or her for your company in the future. You will create a better candidate experience and give them the feeling that you are interested in their person and their skills.

Here's how it continues...

You have kept it short and sweet and listed all the important information that is interesting for the candidate. Now tell the person what the next step is. For example, you can directly offer an appointment for a first interview. Don't forget to leave your contact details such as email and phone number.

A perfect message

Below is an example of what a candidate approach might look like. Nevertheless, always keep in mind that this also varies, because every person has different needs and wishes.

Dear Mr/Mrs [Name],

I am [recruiter name], manager of [company name] in the HR team.

I have just looked at your profile and your work history is very interesting for one of the open positions [department] my team is currently recruiting for, as we are always growing and looking for motivated people to join us.

What it's about: In this role [your job description] you will be responsible for [area of responsibility]. You will work independently with a consultative and analytical approach. You will work [100% remotely or in an office above the clouds of Berlin]. We offer you [benefit 1, e.g. flexible working hours or a fixed salary of...] and the chance to [benefit 2]!

How about a short interview on [day] at [time]? If you are willing to learn more about our company and the role and share your expectations with me, I will be happy to answer your questions.

Yours sincerely,

[your contact details]

Conclusion - we will find what suits you!

An appreciative and individualized approach to candidates is becoming increasingly important in times of a shortage of skilled workers. The entire exchange between you and the candidate should therefore always be personal and by no means boring.

Arrange a consultation on the topic of active sourcing and candidate approach today.

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