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Active Sourcing, Future of Recruitment- Interview with Nana Khomarloo

Nowadays there are the most different methods of Rcruitment. While many still rely on the old method of "post and pray", which is simply a classic job posting by the company, active sourcing is now turning the tables.

We spoke with Nana Khomarloo, recruiting expert, to share with you the relevance of a modern recruiting method.

Hello Nana, please introduce yourself to our readers.

I am Nana Khomarloo and I have been working at Prosupo as a Recruiting Supervisor for a year and a half now.

Prosupo is a new kind of business process outsourcing. With a variety of customer support services, we offer a flexible service tailored to the exact needs of our clients.

Modern recruiting - how would you define it?

Recruiting methods have changed rapidly in recent years. Nowadays, the scales are balanced between applicants and companies, i.e. not only do applicants approach companies, but companies actively apply to suitable talents.

Is the classic job advertisement still important?

Companies that still rely exclusively on classic methods such as job postings are not taking full advantage of the current variety of options. Active sourcing, for example, makes it possible to fill open positions not only more effectively, but also more quickly. Also relevant is social sourcing - the search for suitable candidates on various social media platforms.

You just mentioned it - the topic of active sourcing. What can you tell us about it? How important is it in today's world?

Active sourcing is an essential part of modern recruiting strategies.

"Post and pray" doesn't work anymore because candidates have more choices today.

Active sourcing allows us to target candidates who exactly match our criteria. It is important to say goodbye to old concepts, such as classic locations, and introduce remote work globally. This allows us to access talent pools in talent planning that are impossible for competitors to tap into.

What's the approach? What is the best way to create an active sourcing strategy?

Career platforms such as LinkedIn offer companies access to talent pools. These can be optimized through detailed search criteria and increase candidate reach. Two factors play a very important role when creating a strategy: 1. your own employer brand and

2. the target group you are looking for. You should always know for which position, which candidate, with which expertise is needed.

How would you contact a potential applicant on LinkedIn, for example?

In my first message, I initially address the candidate's experience, and draw a thread to the position to be filled.

It is best to avoid sending generic addresses or mass emails; experience has shown that these messages are not often responded to.

Your conclusion?

Implementing modern recruiting methods not only creates a better candidate experience, but also decreases employee turnover. Active sourcing has a lot to do with change management, which means you have to constantly adapt so you don't miss out on anything. Before you get in touch with the candidates, you should do a detailed research about him/her. Every little detail about the candidate can be crucial.

While this method of recruiting can be more time-consuming than others, this effort is guaranteed to pay off at the end of the day, because no one wants to miss out on highly qualified personnel, of course.

Outsource your recruiting process to Prosupo today to attract qualified talent.

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