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8 outsourcing trends you should know in 2023

The Covid pandemic reflects our current outsourcing trends. Companies are increasingly looking for good quality service providers with high flexibility and state-of-the-art technology. This will not change in 2023.

In this article, we show them eight trends that will continue to accompany us in the outsourcing market in the coming year.

Outsourcing not only enables you to stay one step ahead of your competition in the existing market. You also save costs and valuable time. Many companies therefore no longer want to do without outsourcing their business processes. Therefore, you should definitely know the important outsourcing trends for 2023 in order to develop a successful strategy.

1. Prioritizing quality

A high-quality service requires not only very well-trained employees, but also state-of-the-art technology. Therefore, you should always put great emphasis on who you work with and, most importantly, what you work with!

2. Wanting business flexibility and adaptability

The shock that many countries suffered after the Covid pandemic and the resulting downsizing was very deep. That is why companies are placing more and more emphasis on flexibility. In order to remain competitive even after the pandemic, it is therefore essential to meet the agility requirements of companies. For example, if your partner interrupts a project, you should accept this in order not to lose them for future projects.

Also, always keep an eye on your timeline! The project should definitely be completed by the given deadline. Only those who constantly adapt can strengthen their cooperation with others.

3. Using modern technology

As mentioned earlier, our technology is evolving day by day. Service providers who work with the latest technology can increase efficiency and thus simplify any kind of business process.

Therefore, always be up to date with digitalization!

4. Demanding better cybersecurity

With the digital transformation, the knowledge of many "IT professionals" is growing at the same time. In this context, however, we are talking about people who hack into internal systems to make use of internal data. For this reason, it is very important to outsource your security to a third-party provider who knows exactly how cyber security works.

5. Outsourcing surge amongst startups and small businesses

Outsourcing allows small businesses and startups to access the best talent and tools at low prices. "Newcomer" usually outsource their tasks to save costs. This outsourcing trend will continue in 2023, upending various industries.

6. Preference for remote work

Due to the covid pandemic, telecommuting has become the new norm. Many offices remained closed and people are working from home from now on. The word home office has gained new meaning as a result. In the meantime, even after the pandemic, it has become apparent that this style of working has many advantages. For example, staff motivation increased and better results were achieved. Work-life balance was reinvented. So this trend will also continue in 2023 and beyond.

7. Improving customer experience and satisfaction

In order to provide a better experience to customers, companies are increasingly taking advantage of the many social media opportunities that we are given today. While it used to be just Facebook, today career sites like LinkedIn also have a strong grip on the B2B market.

External service providers can help with their expertise to facilitate your customer acquisition, maintain your social media channels and strengthen your customer relationships and brand loyalty. This opens up further opportunities for outsourcing customer service.

8. Cost reduction

While many were more concerned with quality and scalability before the pandemic, now they are trying to reduce costs where they can. The most important outsourcing goal for many companies is therefore cost reduction. This trend will continue in the coming year, as the global economy has not yet recovered 100% from the pandemic.


The outsourcing industry has seen progressive trends during and even after the pandemic. However, keeping these in mind will give you the advantage to deal with constant changes and uncertainties in your business and manage internal stakeholders effectively.

These outsourcing trends can also help you develop a strategic plan for a successful 2023.

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