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Why Customer Experience (CX) is so important

To turn customers into long term and loyal fans, it is increasingly important for companies to create a positive customer experience along the entire customer journey between you and the users.

In this article, we'll tell you how CX can be defined, why it's so important, and how you can improve your CX strategy.

An unforgettable experience...

"At the heart of Digital Transformation must be a holistic Customer Experience" - Daniel Newman.

A customer experience that everyone should remember - these days, everyone talks about a unique customer experience. But why is this so important, or rather, what makes a memorable customer experience?

Stay in people's minds - purpose of a CX?

Experiences are the contents of what is experienced, insofar as processes that take place in the psyche or stimuli that are perceived through the senses. Emotions are concomitants of experiences. Experience, on the other hand, is an understood experience. Customer experiences thus arise from the reflection of individual customer experiences. In the course of this, the customer forms a judgment as to whether the experience is to be evaluated negatively or positively.

A convincing CX is possible above all if the company knows exactly who the customer is and what their needs are and focuses on these at every step of the customer journey. A customer journey map could help you understand every single touchpoint with your customers. The next step will be self-explanatory, because you will know exactly how to turn each touchpoint into a memorable experience for your customer.

The first meeting...

Love or dislike at first sight?

The first contact with your company can strongly influence the perception of the customer. If the customer has a positive experience at the first meeting, the probability that he will remain loyal to you and thus contribute to an increase in sales is very high. Don't forget: communication among customers also plays an important role, the so-called peer-to-peer. Whether in various forums or other social media, whoever leaves a very special impression on a person, can assume that one person will become two...three...four etc.

Excellent online presence...

Especially for companies running an online business, Digital Customer Experience Management is very important. In this regard, always ask yourself the following question:

1.Are you able to deliver a mobile experience?

By now, everyone has probably bought something via their mobile device. Shopping via mobile is quick and easy, and mobile commerce is growing faster than we thought. Make sure that your mobile website is built as well as your website. A smartphone optimized website, in other words, is what many customers expect. In addition, a number of metrics to monitor a mobile customer experience, such as a QR code or mobile coupons that can be redeemed directly are very helpful here.

Stay to?

There are different aspects to a positive customer experience. Marketing is one of the most important. It is the heart of any business and creates realistic expectations for the product or service. It should be creatively thought through in order to achieve long-term success. An intuitive product design also leads to an influential customer experience. Give life to your product or service. Here, don't forget your Unique Selling Proposition and incorporate this one to make it stick in people's minds. A 24/7 customer support helps you to be always present to your customers. It is important to always keep in mind what an important role the customer and their willingness plays in this. Therefore, always respond to the feedback of your target audience. At the same time, it makes it easier for you to measure the previous customer experience with the help of KPIs. Your customers want to be noticed and taken seriously. Communication is the key to your success.


Basic requirements are assumed by customers and failure to meet them leads to dissatisfaction. Those who know their customers and their wishes as well as needs have a greater chance of long-term success. The ever smaller differentiation of products or services due to homogeneity, the multitude of offers online or offline and the interchangeability of offers requires a rethink in line with social thinking.

Leading companies from both stationary retail or online retail have recognized that the customer must be offered an "experience" when shopping. The provision of a positive customer experience at the points of contact or touchpoints with a company is seen as a future field of action in order to differentiate from competitors, to build up sustainable customer loyalty and ultimately to bind customers to the company.


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