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Easy Tasks

Simple Tasks

Omnichannel Customer Service: Seamless engagement across every touchpoint.

Tier 1 Support: Your frontline for exceptional assistance.

Telephony: Streamlined and polished communication.

Inbound Sales: Closing deals from the very first touch.

E-Commerce Support: Amplifying your digital commerce game.

Backoffice Operations: Quiet brilliance operating behind the scenes.

Senior Digital Programmer

Specialized Tasks

Specialized Skills

Recruiting & HR: Precision talent scouting and nurturing.

Social Media Management: Crafting a charismatic brand presence.

Outbound Sales: Targeted outreach with a touch of finesse.

Lead Generation: Systematically unlocking premium client connections.


Business Development: Visionary strategies for sustained growth.




Employer Branding: Positioning your company as the coveted employer of choice.

Social Media Advertising: Crafting a digital footprint with undeniable impact.

Industrial Engineering: Pioneering advancements in process development and digitization.

Customer Service Consulting: Elevating service excellence to unparalleled heights.

Easy Tasks
Special Tasks
Service Type
Training und Onboarding Service
Einbindung Mitarbeiterauswahl

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