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German Customer Support Missions

From 14€/day

Prosupo can support you in the following areas:




- Taking/Making Calls

- Resolving Cases

- Email

- Live Chat

- Social Support



- TeleSales

- TeleMarketing

- Inside Sales

- Sales Development

- Lead Generation

E-Shop Management

- Customer Service

- Review Negotiations

- Feedback Removal

- Product Listings

- Translations

- Sales

online Marketing

- Campaign Setup

- Campaign Optimization

- Campaign Mng.

- Keyword Research


- Develop Processes

- Lead Teams

- Analyze Strategies

- Develop POC's

- Raise efficiency

- Lower cost

- Increase quality

Where Prosupo can't help

Short Term Projects

Prosupo's mission is to provide excellent customer support and service. Excellency doesn't just happen overnight: We believe it's a never ending process of analyzing and improving. Prosupo is therefore unsuitable for short term projects.

Low Skill Workers

Prosupo is determined to provide high quality work. All our employees bring a vast amount of experience with them and constantly receive internal training. We're therefore unable to provide low skill workers


We can not help you hire employees - and you don't need to! Outsourcing is a more effective tool when it comes to customer support and service. Up- and down scale anytime and stay flexible.


Our employees are our most valuable assets. Only when they feel happy and are motivated, they provide the high quality work that is required to execute a successful customer support operation. This doesn't have to be expensive for businesses at all, but it has to be beneficial for the employee.

Four easy steps to your Virtual Assistant

Going Prosupo is as easy as 1-2-3


prosupo laptop.png


We will introduce you to your new Account Manager and Virtual Assistant.





Your team is now ready and functioning! 



We discuss your challenges during an intial consultation, which will take about 10 minutes



Your new team will be trained on your specific requirements.


Virtual Assistants from Prosupo have four advantages for your business

Prosupo takes care of your entire task, staff and project management. We call this Virtual Staff. This system makes outsourcing comfortable, as your work is already being monitored.

Cost Efficient

Due to our unique location and our extensive network, we can offer affordable virtual staff without compromising on quality. Through the process of outsourcing your work becomes ours. Unlike ordinary employees, there are no sick days or holidays and only a (contractual) notice period of 7 days.

Native Speakers

Everyone you work with at Prosupo speaks German natively.

Many customers in the German-speaking markets do not trust foreign accents; they're too afraid of falling for a scam.

Prosupo helps you to gain and maintain the trust of your customers.

Business Experience

Your work is always done by virtual assistants who have job-related experience.

Prosupo has strict quality guidelines. Our Virtual Assistants are tested for their skills in advance and constantly undergo internal training and educational courses. In addition, their work is always supervised by an account manager, whom you can contact anytime.

Always Backups

At Prosupo you outsource your task to us; it's our job to get it done. If a Virtual Assistant is sick or on holidays, there will always be a backup to takeover. At Prosupo, we always train at least 2 people on your project to ensure non-stop high quality work

The Prosupo Triangle

At Prosupo there's no middle man. You talk to the entire team, and the entire team to you.

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Nothing is more important to us than our customer feedback

Regular check-ins and meeting with your Account Manager ensure the highest quality of work.

The ongoing store management for my German Amazon store is amazing. All negative reviews removed, all complaints handled. Seriously good


Prosupo helped me connect with my customers better. Communication is much smoother now with my customers

Due to the Ads ccampaign created for me, I was able to acquire a couple new customers! Great experience.

gostanley logo alpha.png

The  Google Ads campaign built by J. Meyer helped me acquire  a large number of new customers.

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