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Conquer the German Market

Native German Staff

From 15€/day

Prosupo Is A New Kind Of BPO
Prosupo provides unparalleled levels of actionable insights with tailored processes to suit your needs.

Save Time & Resources

Give your team the bandwidth to focus on growth by delegating routine support processes to us.

Seamless Integration

Competent in 100+ support systems, we build your team around the technology you already use.

Designed For Your Company

We assemble a team of dedicated Prosupians that fit your company culture and are uniquely equipped to meet your needs.


What we're good at

Customer Service

For companies, managing an internal customer support team can be time-consuming, demanding and costly given the infrastructure required to do so.


Prosupo offers a service that enables any business to manage its customer support more effectively, more economically and with less time. This benefits both you and your customers.

Recruiting & HR

Our goal here at Prosupo is not only to reduce your sales costs, rather the focus is on increasing sales and acquiring new customers. We professionally support your internal sales department from new customer acquisition to customer management to achieve better results.


We focus on customized sales models, from simple telesales calls for simple products, to multi-layered models, e.g. for SaaS. 


It's no longer a secret that the recruiting world has changed due in part to the ever-increasing digitization of our online world.

We are in an Employee Market. A market that is becoming increasingly important for business owners in today's world.

The virtual world of work is changing fundamentally. People are increasingly working from home and an already globalized economy is becoming more diverse. The requirements for digital tools are constantly changing, and so is the need for virtual staff.

What we're not good at

Short Term Projects

Prosupo's mission is to provide excellent customer support and service. Excellency doesn't just happen overnight: We believe it's a never ending process of analyzing and improving. Prosupo is therefore unsuitable for short term projects.

Low Skill Workers

Prosupo is determined to provide high quality work. All our employees bring a vast amount of experience with them and constantly receive internal training. We're therefore unable to provide low skill workers.


Prosupo does not use Freelancers to fulfill your work. Some competitors will simply dump your work to a freelancing website, entirely ignoring data protection laws. At Prosupo, we don't give your work away. It's done by us. So you can rely on great results. Always.

Unauthorized Sourcing

We are committed to ethical practices and therefore do not engage in unauthorized job outsourcing. Our approach is built on transparency and mutual respect.


How it works
Going Prosupo is as easy as 1-2-3


prosupo laptop.png


We will introduce you to your new team.





We discuss your challenges during an intial consultation, which will take about 10 minutes



Your new team will be trained on your specific requirements.



Your team is now ready and functioning! 


Regular check-ins and meeting with your Account Manager ensure a constant high quality of work.

The ongoing store management for my German Amazon store is amazing. All negative reviews removed, all complaints handled. Seriously good


Prosupo helped me connect with my customers better. Communication is much smoother now with my customers

Due to the Ads ccampaign created for me, I was able to acquire a couple new customers! Great experience.

gostanley logo alpha.png

The  Google Ads campaign built by J. Meyer helped me acquire  a large number of new customers.

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