Why a German Virtual Assistant will benefit your Amazon store

If you've ever sold into the German speaking markets of Germany, Austria or Switzerland, you know about the lingual limitations of the English language in these markets.

While younger people will often be OK with English, the majority of customers from Generation X and before will struggle.

Ultimately, those are the customers that contribute to a large number of negative reviews.

The reason for these reviews vary, but often have the same core problem:

Lack of communication. The lack of a German Virtual Assistant.

German customers get furious if the google translated reply makes no sense.

If there is a problem, and you fail to understand your client's needs, they will almost guaranteed leave a negative review.

You will then find yourself in a difficult situation: You need to resolve the issue, but not only do you not understand your customer, you likely also made them angry and unwilling to cooperate.

A simple refund might avoid the confrontation with Amazon's customer support, but will definitely not get rid of the negative review.

And we all know what happens when you get too many of those reviews:

The only solution here is prevention.

A German Virtual Assistant can take over all communication matters with your customers.

He will prevent customer dissatisfaction, and resolve issues when they arise.

A German Virtual Assistant can even go into negotiation with customers that left negative reviews. These nurture calls are the key to a successful relationship with your customers, will result in a higher customer rating and ultimately increase your sales number.

Being a solid ROI, a German Virtual Assistant will not only help you maintain your store, but grow it with you.

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