Inclusion and Diversity

Diversity empowers us!

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People are people


Innovation, excellence and integrity are at the heart of everything we do.

Inclusion and diversity is one of Prosupo's core principles. 

The goal here: to make workers with fewer opportunities an integral part of the Prosupo family and offer them the best possible career opportunity. 


Diversity means innovation. Innovation is not only about technologies, but also about ideas brought to new markets and new customers. The ideal innovation culture requires diverse perspectives, experiences and world views, which are guaranteed at Prosupo. 


We also value inclusion and work hard to build a strong and diverse team with people from different backgrounds.

Inclusion is an ongoing process that aims to enable and support equal participation in all areas and to prevent any form of disadvantage and discrimination.


Proper bilingualism also offers a specific and distinct advantage for success. Thus, with a bilingual team that speaks German and English at an excellent level, you are in good hands. What counts with us is motivation and passion. Everyone gets the chance to expand their know-how in a close and innovative team and to put their creative ideas into practice.