Frequently asked questions

How well do you speak German?

Everyone at Prosupo speaks German at a native level. You won't hear accents, only standard German.

What's Prosupo's cancellation policy?

Dependent on the contract, you can either cancel weekly or monthly. We agree to a contract term length, during contract setup.

How can a Virtual Assistant from Prosupo help me?

Your Virtual Assistant helps managing business or private tasks via PC, phone or internet. Our Virtual Assistants are specialized on: Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, and other office-job-like tasks. Your VIrtual Assistant becomes your personal Team Manager and will execute tasks or delegate them to other internal ressources. The exact parameters will be defined upon contract creation.

What Virtual Assistants, who is gonna be my Virtual Assistant?

Our Virtual Assistant network spans in more than 75 skilled Virtual Assistants. Dependent on your needs, we will pick the most suitable Virtual Assistant for you.

How do I contact my Virtual Assistant?

Upon team introduction, you will be connected with your Virtual Assistant through multiple channels, incl. phone, messenger service of your choice, and E-Mail.

How fast will my Virtual Assistant reply.

Your Virtual Assistant will be available during office hours, or other hours as agreed. You will always get a response within 1 hour(max!). Tasks are executed almost immediately. It will feel like you have your own employee.

I wanna make sure you can get the job done before we start

If your requested service is not listed, feel free to contact us through our Contact Page. We will quickly find out whether we can get the job done.

How is quality of work guranteed?

Your Virtual Assistant is constantly monitored by an Account Manager, who is your personal point of contact inside Prosupo. We also hold weekly or bi-weekly meetings with every client to define targets and goals for the next week(s), so you always have a forum to provide feeedback.

How do I get a Virtual Assistant

Please contact us via our Contact Page, and we will be in touch within 24 hours.

How much will a Virtual Assistant cost me?

The service Prosupo offers is so individual and tailored to your needs, that a pricing estimate is impossible before an initial conversation. Get in touch with us, and we can give you a pricing estimate during our initial conversation.

How can I pay?

We offer Credit Card Payments, as well as PayPal and wire transfers.

Whats happens when my Virtual Assistant is on holidays?

At Prosupo, you will always have multiple people trained on your project, to ensure that there are no sick days, no holiday days, and so on. At Prosupo you get constant delivery without worrying about sick days.