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We are your new workforce, - a virtual power team, - dedicated to provide world class service with the lowest possible price. We get your work done, from anywhere, anytime.

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We don't just toss someone your way. At Prosupo, we take care of your entire project, time and staff management. Prosupo will increase your productivity through outstanding quality of work, service, and flexibility. 




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About Prosupo

Founded in 2020, Prosupo Ltd offers high quality Virtual Assistants, Business Process Outsourcing, and German Customer Service Outsourcing. Our virtual staff are located all around the world, but mainly in Germany, the UK & Ireland. The management team consists of a mix of Sales Professionals, Marketing Experts, and E-Commerce ambassadors.

Our network spans across the globe, but focuses on the German market. Prosupo will always provide German and English speaking personnel, though the German part will always be on a native level. 

We have a strict quality control system to ensure that only the highest quality employees get hands on your work.

We can take care of tasks such as: office jobs, customer support, sales (up to high level tech sales), e-commerce store management, online marketing, and others.

Our client base consists of customers across the globe, from Germany to Hong Kong, all the way over to Australia.

Our service works best for small and medium sized companies, but is ultimately dependent on the workload.

Prosupo does not just connect you with someone, we take care of your entire project and staff management so you can focus on more important things. 

Flexibility is important for virtual work, that's why with Prosupo you can choose to pay for our service on a weekly or monthly basis.

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